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A PHP Wrapper for the Google Maps API

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Phoogle Maps (pronounced like Foogle Maps) is a PHP class that integrates itself with the Google Maps API and with the Google Geocoding API to make an easy to use interface to display Google Maps on your site. With about 5 lines of PHP code you can display a customized Google Map on your website.

Example Showing Multiple Map Points

require_once 'phoogle.php';
$map = new PhoogleMap();
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="">
  <? $map->printGoogleJS(); ?>
  $map->addAddress('208 Dingler Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115');
  $map->addAddress('210 Doster Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115');
  $map->addAddress('300 Dingler Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115');